About us?

Jordi Brun
Managing Partner

Repared to achieve your objectives. In BIP, we are your team.

In our company there are different departments, all with specialists involved in each project to achieve the best possible returns. 

BIP Investment Properties is a company of property investors based in Barcelona. What makes us different is anew concept of property asset management en Europa que ofrece a sus inversores una alta rentabilidad.in Europe which offers its investors high returns. The great experience of it founder Jordi Brun in the real estate sector and of the rest of the BIP team offers a new form of real estate asset purchase and management.

We have four specialised areas: Technical (Architecture and Urban Development), Commercial, Financial and Legal. A different management style has also been achieved in asset investment and disinvestment operations. This style is based on the broken down analysis of the possibilities and revaluation of each property asset, as well as the comprehensive management of the project. The aim is to guarantee high returns in the short or medium term for customers and investors.

BIP is an nnovative concept and gives services in the real estate sector from a base of integrity, specialisation, professionalism and transparency of a great professional team. Value is thereby added to the managed real estate projects.